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2012/27-1-2012//internationale nationale/internationale nationale 10 gegründet 10–18. jahr d. realschulchfahrtreisen. at the end of the book the author states that duchamp's approach is an attempt to break with a certain ontology of art and to come to terms with the fullness of life by way of form and matter, however in this book duchamp is just a servant and the author takes over all the power. in this book, duchamp is given the task of bringing conceptual art to a place where in a non-representational way, form and matter is seen as existing together with the possibilities of development and change. the author states that duchamp is a real example of a born-again christian and his art is a medium for the redemption of culture, and the art of bl. joseph faull is an example of a new york painter who believes in the catholic and christian principle of mary as the redeemer of women.32 the author of this book also makes an attempt to justify duchamp by referring to alfred toym's interpretation of duchamp's works. in the conclusion of this book the author states that duchamp's art shows a positive side of the dada movement, and he makes an effort to show that duchamp's art is important to contemporary art and to all those who want to see the value of art. in the summary of the book the author states that "no matter how incomprehensible to the world duchamp is, his works are not the end but the beginning of a new language of images" (lindbergh, 1987, p. 65). in conclusion, i would say that this book is a very good introduction to duchamp and his art, and the book will help the reader to understand the artist better. the way of form and matter is one of duchamp's central principles and his work is a result of his approach to life. the book, which was written in the seventies, gives us an idea of his approach to life, and it gives us a theoretical basis for understanding his art. since this book was written by the author of this thesis, it is a more practical text than the other books that were mentioned earlier. bibliography [1]




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Schritte International 2 A 1.2 Hueber Latest
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