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Strategic Opportunities for Exporters

Last weekend, the globe and mail published a well written article by Brenda Bow on the opportunities for Canadian Exporters if they adopt the right strategy in the forthcoming recovery. It focuses on certain sectors, including agriculture, e-commerce, information & communication technology, and healthcare (a topic of conversation in my recent interview with Minister Ng).

Various letters have been associated with upcoming recovery and in this article ‘K’ is used. This means that different industry verticals will accelerate at different speed and size. For example, Peter Hall, Chief Economist, Export Development Canada notes that Canadian food exports are 130% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Elevate has seen this, with its support in various parts of the supply chain - AGI Growth and its advanced food distribution systems have been quite active in recent months (see Elevate funding announcements).

The opportunity for Canadian exporters is sizeable but it does not come without increased risk, namely geopolitics and the changes in the very fabric of the global supply chain (over reliance on key countries and the desire for on-shoring). So exporters are advised to adopt a comprehensive strategy that protects them against loss of receivables. If you would like to learn more about these strategies, contact us or visit our sister company -

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