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Buyer financing division

December 21, 2020

Elevate Export Finance Corp. News, Dec. 21 - Elevate Export Finance Corp. is pleased to announce funding for Canadian exporter, StackTeck Systems Ltd customer Prosentec for the purchase of five StackTeck molds and one robot.

Elevate Export Finance corp. (Elevate) has provided mid-seven figure funding for MC Plasticos de Mexico (the buyer and parent company of Prosentec) which will secure this strategic sale for another Canadian Exporter. This comes at an important time as the country continues to grow its exports in the post pandemic recovery period and beyond.

Mexico is an important export growth market for StackTeck and its sale to MC Plasticos de Mexico enables it to expand its market footprint there. For MC Plasticos de Mexico, it ensures the fulfillment of an important manufacturing contract between Prosentec and Hasbro S.A. USA, Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

StackTeck, based in Brampton, Ontario, is a specialist and industry leader in injection molding systems which provides consumer goods, medical and other high-volume applications.

MC Plasticos de Mexico’s is the parent company of Prosentec, a specialist manufacturer of plastic containers, has an exclusive master agreement to provide manufacturing containers to Hasbro.

Elevate’s Franscico Garcia, EVP and Head of Sales for Elevate, said, “In a time of increased uncertainty for our Canadian Exporters, we are pleased to be standing by them and supporting them in their expansion across the globe.”

(Kevin Fairs)

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