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New Funding Announcement

Buyer financing division

December 14, 2020

Elevate Export Finance Corp. News, Dec. 14 - Elevate Export Finance Corp. is pleased to announce additional funding for Canadian exporter, Saeplast System’s existing customer Ecuahielo for the purchase of insulated seafood containers.

Elevate Export Finance corp. (Elevate) has provided this second round funding for Ecuahielo (the buyer), which will finalize the acquisition of Saeplast’s containers for the distribution of shrimp and other seafood. Saeplast’s innovative solutions play an important role in the agricultural supply chain for this Ecuahielo.

Saeplast, which also manufactures plastic for food packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals containers chose Elevate Export Finance to be its strategic finance partner. First contacting Elevate earlier this year, Elevate quickly became Saeplat’s strategic finance partner, which enabled Saeplast to fast track their sale. Elevate’s team of integrated, international experts, led by James Reble structured and executed the financing with a high degree of speed and efficiency, enabling Saeplast to enter a new market and expand their export sales. Ecuahielo was also able to free up more capital for additional, future sales from Saeplast.

Based in Atlantic Canada, Saeplast, a medium sized, privately owned company is a fast-growing company with a strategy to expand into central and south America. This led them to Ecuahielo. (Kevin Fairs)

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