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New Funding Announcement

Elevate Export Finance corp. News, Oct. 13 - Canadian exporter, AGI keeps growing with Elevate buyer financing

Elevate Export Finance corp. (Elevate) is pleased to announce the further support and funding of AGI Canada’s (the exporter) new customer sale of new grain storage equipment to INOLSA S.R.L (the buyer). Elevate is proud to be supporting the continued growth of this International Canadian company.

INOLSA S.R.L is a Bolivian company,with operations that include receiving, storing, processing and commercializing soy grain. The continued global advancement of alternative food sources demonstrates why AGI’s specialist equipment is well suited to and purchased by these companies. 

INOLSA is a growing company in Bolivia and has an impressive 14% market share in the local market in the production of bottling refined oil.

James Reble, account director for Elevate said, “I am thrilled to be supporting this Canadian success story. Canada’s continued focus on sustainable food production and green energy is only but going to grow and supporting AGI in this evolving supply chain  is what motivates us at Elevate every day.”’  

Based in Winnipeg, Canada, AGI is a leading food infrastructure company that supplies advanced, technologically driven logistics in the food supply chain space across five platforms: Seed, Fertilizer, Grain, Feed, and food. In real terms, AGI facilitates the extraction of grains (rice/wheat) from trains or trucks on to a boat for shipping at a seaport; a critical and time sensitive operation requiring efficient and reliable logistical infrastructure. AGI excels in this area of expertise and is consistently introducing new technologies to advance their customer’s supply chain.

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