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The COVID-19 Impact on the Workplace

As governments start to turn their attention to what life after lock-down looks like, some have already begun the gradual reopening of businesses. Select European countries are a good example, e.g. Germany, however, this is being executed with caution. What has become clear, is that there is no universal play book to follow here and different countries are in effect conducting their own national and regional experiments. Results will vary.

Advocacy groups and Associations are asking much needed and critical health and safety questions. Yesterday, the National Association of Manufacturers in the US called on the government to protect employees with ‘strong liability protections.’ The debate around the risk of lawsuits from employees contracting COVID-19 has only just started and there is no easy solution or quick answers.

We can safely say that there is no turning on the light switch and going back to normal. Companies will need to embrace new forms of technology and innovation, think critically and consider multiple scenarios for the current and long-term. The work here will also shape business continuity plans for the future.

It will not be quick or easy but it will likely result in a new way of working, that we hope will enhance our productivity and employee satisfaction in the workplace for the future.

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