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Funding Announcement

Buyer financing division

December 31, 2020

Elevate Export Finance Corp. News, Dec. 31 - Canadian exporter, AG Growth International completes sale with buyer financing support from Elevate Export Finance Corp.

Elevate Export Finance corp. (Elevate) is pleased to complete a mid-six figure funding for AG Growth International (the exporter) for their new customer sale of storage grain equipment to Paraguay company, Paciva S.A (the buyer). Paraguay is an important export growth market for AG Growth International and its sale to Paciva enables it to expand its market footprint there. Most importantly, the financing provides AG Growth International with a competitive edge over its US competitors, who have been providing their own finance options.

AG Growth International, based in Winnipeg Manitoba, specializes in providing full solution food infrastructure equipment across seed, fertilizer, grain, feed and food. These advanced end to end solutions are sought after by companies across the globe.

Paciva, an agricultural and industrialization company specializing in the sale of rice, has been focused on increasing their storage capacity. This purchase will enable them to double their existing storage capacity and support the growth of their product lines.

As we close out 2020, Elevate is pleased to complete the financing for AG Growth and Elevate’s James Reble, Account Director for AG Growth International, said, “This completes the funding for Paciva and concludes an important strategic win, both for AG Growth International and Elevate. We consider AG growth a strong partner and an excellent example of Canadian expertise in this market segment.”

Based in Winnipeg, Canada, AGI is a leading food infrastructure company that supplies advanced, technologically driven logistics in the food supply chain space across five platforms: Seed, Fertilizer, Grain, Feed, and food. In real terms, AGI facilitates the extraction of grains (rice/wheat) from trains or trucks on to a boat for shipping at a seaport; a critical and time sensitive operation requiring efficient and reliable logistical infrastructure. AGI excels in this area of expertise and is consistently introducing new technologies to advance their customer’s supply chain. (Kevin Fairs)

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