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Elevate supports Canada’s leadership in sustainable tree harvesting equipment

Elevate Export Finance (“Elevate”) is proud to announce the disbursement of a multi-million, USD dollar loan to Endesa (the “buyer”), an Ecuadorian company focused on sustainable wood harvesting. The financing supports the purchase of high-quality extraction equipment from Canadian exporter, Tigercat Industries Inc (the “exporter”), a Canadian based specialist in sustainable tree harvesting, with customers around the world.

Endesa will take receipt of this equipment from Tigercat to support the continued growth of its operations in Ecuador, including the modernization of its facilities as an industry leader in the Andean region. Endesa, a leading global supplier of self-sustaining lumber supplies to major retailers across the region and the USA, including The Home Depot.

Based in Ontario, Tigercat is a leading supplier of high-quality forestry extraction equipment. Tigercat excels in this area of expertise and is consistently introducing new technologies to advance their customer’s supply chain. 

Endesa was keen to acquire high-quality, durable tree harvesting equipment and turned to its trusted supplier in the category, Tigercat Industries Inc. For Elevate Finance, this transaction adds to a growing list of achievements in a time of crisis and upheaval and builds on the company’s commitment to enhancing and growing Canadian exports globally. 

James Reble, Director of Business Development, said, “This is a timely deal to support Canada’s exporters as they begin their recovery and further recognizes the country’s leadership in supporting sustainable agriculture projects around the world.”

Elevate Export Finance Corp, an official delivery partner of Export Development Canada (crown corporation). Under Duncan’s leadership, Elevate Export Finance has become a globally recognized provider of ‘buyer financing’ to International Buyers of Canadian Exporters.

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