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Elevate Finance supports Canadian company in its expansion in the global plastics recycling business

Canadian exporter, Husky Injection Molding Systems, a global leader in supplying plastic processing around the world, has announced the sale of a new Injection Molding System to Brazilian based ‘recycling’ plastic bottle company, Viscotech. This multi-million US dollar transaction will be funded by Canada’s Elevate Export Finance.

About the Transaction:

This growing, billion-dollar industry, has enabled Husky to expand its export footprint to over 100 countries. Its buyers include consumer packaging, automotive and medical, to name a few. It boasts a unique design with its product that allows for the integration of numerous pieces of injection molding equipment, including machines, molds and hot runners. In addition to the manufacturing and sale of its equipment, Husky provides a comprehensive service strategy to its buyers, which includes training, factory floor planning and risk assessment.

The buyer, Viscotech, one of the only companies operating the full cycle of producing plastic packaging from recycled plastics in Brazil. This purchase from Husky enables Viscotech to increase its production capacity and support a new contract from a multi-national customer, along side existing customers which include Coca Cola and Colgate. At the same time, it enables Viscotech to meet new legislation that requires companies using plastic to recycle 22% material in their new bottles.

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