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Elevate Across the Country

Updated: May 2, 2019

At Elevate, we’re on the lookout for new markets and customers for Canada’s exporters. We’ve also made it a strategic focus to put boots in the ground across our great country. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver we cover two of Canada’s biggest manufacturing hubs, but that doesn’t stop us from getting out to visit other Canadian exporters.

Recently, our Chair Duncan Munn visited Calgary where he met with several oil, gas and mining exporters. James Reble, Business Development Manager, spent some time meeting with companies in the Montreal area. Of note was a visit to Quebec’s innovative manufacturing hub surrounding Montreal, but also existing SME players such as Gonderflex International. James was kindly hosted to a plant tour by President, Mete Gonder himself! Photo below.

Moving forward, we’re expanding our reach into south-western Ontario and planning visits throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our team is constantly looking at exploring new opportunities outside our great country – but also within. If you’re a Canadian manufacturer of something special and we haven’t set foot on your turf yet, give us a call! We’ll make sure we plan a visit to your part of the country!

About Elevate:

Elevate Export Finance Corp., a Canadian-based lender, with offices in Toronto and Vancouver, has partnered with Export Development Canada (EDC) and financial institutions to provide the customers of Canadian small and medium sized businesses with structured finance solutions. We lend to foreign buyers of Canadian Exporters to help support Canadian Export Success.

For more information please contact:

Ed Walsh, President

+1 (416) 735-9480

Francisco Garcia, SVP, Business Development

+1 (604) 375-7146

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