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Canada Must Act Decisively to Avoid Being Left Behind

Large changes in investment patterns are required to stimulate the economy in a recovery. Long-term capital into SME businesses requires careful consideration to allow them to grow and create more jobs, in what will be a difficult economic environment in the next year. This is one of Canada’s most important sectors.

The Bank of Canada tripled its balance sheet in the last 2 months. If that does not make you sit up straight in your seat then take a few minutes to read through the rest of this one-pager from the C.D. Howe Institute, as it outlines the challenges that come with this. This paper outlines the monetary challenges and the urgent need for capital in support of a recovery. The authors, Kronick and Munn do an excellent job of highlighting three main areas of concern for Canadian companies, including incentives, risk weights and competition. Canada will need to act collaboratively, and at speed, if it wants to avoid being left behind in a recovery.

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