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Finance Your Purchases from Canada

Buying From Canada? We Can Help.

Foreign Buyer Criteria

  • You are purchasing from a Canadian exporter with typical purchase orders between USD $500,000 and $25,000,000

  • You are purchasing capital goods (machinery, manufacturing equipment, etc) or services

  • You have been in operation for at least three years and can provide access to audited or externally reviewed financial statements

Canadian Financing Support

  • Interest rates provided by Elevate are competitive or better than those in your local markets

  • Repayment terms that are tailored to suit your needs

  • Financing is in addition to your existing credit facilities

  • Loan negotiations will be handled by Elevate, thus assuring confidentiality

  • You will deal with financial experts at Elevate with experience supporting cross-border purchases

  • Standardized loan documentation for greater efficiency and lower cost

Financing Benefits

  • Elevate Export Finance brings together the export strengths of the Government of Canada through its partnership with Export Development Canada (EDC). As well, Elevate can leverage the expertise and resources of the private sector through its banking partners.


  • Medium term loans – up to 5 years

  • Finance for purchases up to USD $25,000,000

  • Up to 85% of contract amount

  • Variable or fixed rate loans

Buyer Application Form

Please download and complete one of the applications below. It is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Applications, along with all supporting documentation, can be submitted via email.
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